Featured Project: Modernizing Outdated Bathrooms 

It’s easy to move into a newly purchased house with intentions of upgrading the bathrooms…one of these days. But time slips by, and maybe the bathrooms are in use so often, you can’t find time to upgrade them.

These two projects, a master bath and a kids’ bath in the same home, were unchanged since the owners moved in. Take a look at how Tunifying these spaces modernized them with simple changes that made big differences in function and style.

Master bath

Before: Outdated and cramped

Master bath before Outdated and cramped

Dated and dim, this master bath badly needed upgrading! This bathroom hadn’t been touched since the owners bought the house and they were ready for big changes. The owners say they found the space uninviting and disorganized.

The dark, heavy vanity cabinet makes the bathroom seem smaller. Those faucet handles are classic 1980s—plastic, ball-shaped handles, hard to grasp and years out of date. The old light fixture, a row of globe bulbs, illuminated the double sinks poorly. Even the oversized wall mirror didn’t help brighten the space, and the medicine cabinet is set in a side wall like an afterthought.

The owners disliked the cramped shower stall and wanted a larger, spa-like shower.

The wall-to-wall carpet especially needed to go. Carpet in bathrooms traps moisture and mold and covers up potential problems—if you have a leak beneath the carpet, you might not know about it until you realize your toes are sinking into a squishy mess.

Tunified: Light, bright, luxurious

Bath tunified with Light, bright, luxuriousBTU-2-3-21-3.jpgBTU-2-3-21-4.jpgBTU-2-3-21-5.jpg

Goodbye, carpet. Easy-to-clean woodgrain flooring is the new foundation for a completely updated, modern bathroom.

White Shaker vanity cabinets banish the old, dark cabinets. Added drawers improve storage space. Bold, dark drawer and door handles add visual contrast against the cabinets, and there’s a bonus: These bar-shaped handles are easy to use. Each of the new double sinks has its own separate mirror and its own light fixture for better light quality, plus a terrific, modern look: The pendant-style fixtures update the lighting by decades.

The spectacular double shower adds spa features the owners coveted. This extra-large shower stall features two “rainfall” showerheads plus two hand-held shower wands. Note the nook for storing toiletries conveniently at just the right height to reach them easily. Unusual, hexagonal tiles are a special, luxurious touch on the shower walls.

Kids’ Bath

Before: Personality-free

Kids bath before for Personality free

Sure, this simple bathroom is functional, but it’s bland. The owners felt this space had a 1990s feel.

Start with the old, white flooring. Move up to the basic vanity cabinet, made of cheap-looking wood and topped with a faucet using an outdated, plastic handle like those in the master bath. A small counter extends over the top of the toilet, and just like in the master bath, a gigantic mirror eats up the whole wall above the sink.

Tunified: Beautiful Details

Kids bath tunified with beautiful details

Kids bath tunified with more beautiful details

Without altering the footprint of this small bathroom at all, the new design upgrades every surface.

The new floor is the same woodgrain as in the new master bath. The vanity is the most obvious change, its deep blue color bringing depth into the previously all-white color scheme.

Those handles on the blue drawers are the same bronze metallic tone as the sleek new faucet and handles, shower head and tub spigot, round mirror frame, and over-the-sink light fixture. This beautiful coordination of all these metallic fixtures pulls the room’s look together and makes it a bathroom that’s lovely as well as functional.

The tub and shower combo looks cleaner and classier with very simple changes: Note the new, white shower tile in a herringbone weave pattern, and the shower nook for shampoo bottles. The nook even gets its own, contrasting tile to add interest.

Where that too-huge mirror was, the wall now sports shiplap, reflecting the owners’ desire to get a farmhouse or country feel into the small space.

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