Design Styles to Incorporate into Your Bathroom

You’re pondering your dream bathroom. Exciting, right? But a scroll through the internet can feel daunting. How does contemporary design differ from traditional style? Why is everyone talking about “farmhouse”? Are modern and contemporary the same thing?

Here’s a quick primer on four styles and what they look like in bathroom design.

Traditional bathroom design


Traditional style incorporates classic shapes, colors and details that draw on the past but don’t feel dated. Traditional bathrooms use existing features an older house might have, like wainscoting–or borrow those features and add them to a newer home! Try these:

  • Features like crown molding and wainscoting
  • Furniture-like vanities of stained or painted wood
  • White marble counters
  • Framed mirror instead of a mirrored cabinet
  • Footed bathtub
  • Dressing table with chair or stool
  • Painted wood-paneled walls
  • Wallpaper in botanical or old-world prints
  • Floors of tiny tiles in white, black and white, or colors

Contemporary bathroom design


Contemporary is often confused with “modern.” Contemporary design simply means “What’s popular right now.” (Modern design roughly refers to styles from mid-to-late-20th century). So what’s hot now? A sampling:

  • Free-standing tubs
  • Marble (or imitation marble) countertops, tile, and floors, especially in colors
  • Subway tile in colors
  • Bold “statement” light fixtures like chandeliers
  • Larger rugs instead of mats
  • Earthy colors like green, rust and terracotta, or….
  • Darker, saturated colors like deep teal
  • Botanical print wallpapers and accessories
  • Metallic fixtures in warm copper and brass

Modern Farm House bathroom design

Modern Farmhouse

Combine today’s shapes and colors with sparingly used traditional materials like wood, clay and terracotta surfaces, and you have modern farmhouse style. This style uses some industrial “warehouse” touches, too, especially metals.  Here are some modern farmhouse features:

  • Farmhouse sink–oversized, deep and rectangular
  • Black or chrome industrial-style fixtures
  • Copper basin sink
  • Modern shower stall with industrial-look metal framing
  • Rustic wood vanity
  • Industrial-style, metal hanging lights
  • Metal-framed mirror
  • Wooden bench or stool
  • Wood shelving
  • Wicker or rattan baskets or hampers

Minimalist bathroom design


Minimalist design strips away decoration to leave only the essentials. Minimalist bathrooms are uncluttered, carefully curated and simple. Reduce visible clutter and choose streamlined fixtures. A minimalist bathroom could include these:

  • Simple wall-mounted sink without vanity
  • Hidden storage so items get stowed out of sight
  • Sleek designs like “floating” vanities with no cabinetry and rimless shower stalls
  • Frameless mirrors
  • Clear glass shower stalls
  • Subtly colored (but not patterned) tiles for showers, backsplashes and floors
  • A neutral color palette

You don’t have to navigate styles on your own. Talk to a Bath Tune-Up expert today and get started on your unique bathroom.

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